Welcome to Declan Rix Racing!

Thank-you for visiting my website, where I hope to talk all things horse-racing: betting, blogs, opinions and tips.

I’ve been lucky enough to have gained experience in many areas of the horseracing industry. Obtaining a third level degree in Equine Science has given me a solid base in the game I love.

Ex-employers include Ballydoyle Racing (four summers and one year fulltime) and Celtic Bookmakers, while I currently hold a position with At The Races.

I’ve written for a couple of betting websites including BetBright and Paddy Power while I also ghost-wrote a number of pieces for the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Part of my current job is watching racing, a key ingredient in trying to make sports betting pay, so I’m in a fortunate position than most to do so.

I’m a firm believer in form study. Between the form book and the massive amounts of information available to the punter, along with video analysis, all material in making sports betting pay is at our finger tips.

With some labour and a little bit of luck I hope to make this blog pay for followers. I get a massive kick from winning people “free money” and there is an enormous buzz from solving the equation that is a horse race. I’d just like to add that I’m not a professional punter, I do this as a hobby and also as a potential career driver.

Long-term goals are varied where my career is concerned. It’s always been a dream to work on TV, either in a presenting or a punditry role. Working with owners and trainers in a racing manager position is also an element of the game that would really excite me. Placing horses in the right races at the right times is a big part of racing.

I’m both a fan of flat racing and national hunt, but from a betting perspective I feel there are better opportunities on the flat to profit.

Hopefully this basic blog gets more people interested in horse racing, while increasing the amount of silver that crosses their palms (and helping in ‘getting my name out there’).

Money won, is twice as sweet as money earned.” (Paul Newman)

You can also follow me on Twitter, too, where I often talk racing and sports in general.  @HawkWing2002 is my username or if you use Facebook more, I also put my thoughts up on https://www.facebook.com/declanrixracing

Should you wish to contact me directly, please e-mail declan.rix@attheraces.com

Thanks for visiting. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Declan Rix Racing!

  1. Declan,

    Are you for real? You are a failed penny gambler who knows nothing about the intricacies of betting or the betting markets. Your crass name dropping of working for Ballydoyle might impress those with the intelligence of a fish bowel but we both know you spent three summers picking stones off the gallops. Hardly the grounding for sports betting expertise.

    As for Celtic bookmakers, well they provided an out for the most clued in punters in the UK and Ireland before they went broke., which wasn’t an accident. Anyone who has an association with Celtic’s policies in pricing or trading would do well to remove it from their CV or the closest you’ll work to the betting industry again bar making the tea at ATR is a McDonalds in Newmarket.

    Now please remove any reference to being good at betting from this blog and stop embarrassing yourself.

    • Hi Declan,

      Have you ever heckled someone from behind your desk under the mask of anonymity? No.
      Have you ever claimed to be an expert or anything other than an avid racing enthusiast? No.
      Have you ever seen karma at work? Yes. The above hero tried to undermine the intelligence of your audience by opening a sentence with the impressive word ‘crass’ and then misspelling the word ‘bowel’ almost immediately afterwards. Such cruel irony – Jesus wept. He was doing so well.

      Keep up the good work Declan. You don’t always win but you have given us a lot more good days out than bad. You were responsible for the 2010 Clonmel baby boom 9 months after Spirit River coasted up the hill at Cheltenham.

      There’ll always be keyboard warriors. You’ve shown some balls to put your opinions in a public forum and you’ve opened yourself up to scrutiny. Unfortunately, some hard men will scrutinise behind the safety of anonymity.

      I’ll leave you with an old chestnut:

      “Cause the players gonna play, the haters gonna hate, ima gonna shake, shake it off, shake it off” – Taylor Swift, 2014.

      Gerry P Cunningham.

  2. A boy rixy, seen your 20-1 shout CALIDOSCOPIO for the breeders cup marathon tonight. I know you didn’t get it up on this site but seen it on Twitter. I’ll be back tomorrow :).

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