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Thank-you for visiting my website, where I hope to try and help people, while also learning, with sports betting on horse racing.

I’ve been lucky enough to have gained experience in many areas of the horse racing industry. Obtaining a third level degree in Equine Science has given me a solid base in the game I love. Ex-employers include Ballydoyle Racing (four summers and one year fulltime) and Celtic Bookmakers while I currently hold a position with At The Races. A huge part of my job is watching racing, a key ingredient in trying to make sports betting pay, so I’m in a fortunate position to do so.

I rarely receive “tips” or “information” from well positioned sources. While this can prove fruitful every now and again I’m a firm believer in form study. Between the form book and the massive amounts of information available to the punter, along with video study, all material in making sports betting pay is at our finger tips. With some labour and a little bit of luck I hope to make this blog pay for followers. I get a massive kick from winning people “free money” and there is an enormous buzz from solving the equation that is a horse race. I’d just like to add that I’m not a professional punter, I do this as a hobby and also as a potential career driver.

Hopefully this basic blog gets more people interested in racing, while increasing the amount of silver that crosses their palms.

Money won, is twice as sweet as money earned.” (Paul Newman)

You can also follow me on twitter, too where I ramble often about racing and sports in general.  @HawkWing2002

Thanks for visting! :)

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  1. A boy rixy, seen your 20-1 shout CALIDOSCOPIO for the breeders cup marathon tonight. I know you didn’t get it up on this site but seen it on Twitter. I’ll be back tomorrow :).

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