Blog update – March 2014

Well it’s not an update I wanted to do, but it had to be done. It makes for pretty grim reading, a significant part of the fall deriving from a poor Cheltenham Festival.

I did a lot of work for Cheltenham, maybe too much, and I possibly over-complicated things. So for people that followed me religiously, if there are a such, I can only apologise. It’s another lesson so I’m hoping I can take from it.

Going into December 2013 we were up +55.21 for the year, since September (the blog first started in September 2012), but from here it went downhill. A loss on non-Cheltenham related blogs equalled -20.9, from December to March.

So before the March madness started we were 55.21 – 20.9 = +34.31.

Now it’s where it gets depressing:

Ante-Post Cheltenham blogs showed a loss of -29.

Blogs from Cheltenham on the day showed a loss of -16.5.

Therefore, for the year we are showing a loss of +34.31 – 29 – 16.5 = –11.19.

Our overall blog score now reads +207.45 – 11.19 = +196.26.

I am sorry for that, Cheltenham was a real killer this year, the complete opposite of 2013. The highs and lows of it all, hey? Anyway, with a bit of hard work I’m sure we can finish the year out strongly as I’ve always preferred punting on the flat. Here’s hoping.





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