Blog update – May 2013

As I’m usually slower than the average man to do anything right it’s only now dawned on me that the blog’s results should be done on a monthly basis. We’ve just entered June so below is the updated results including May and from September 2012.

The 12th of May was the last update and we sat on +90.74.

Thursday 16th of May at York = -3 (

Friday 17th of May = -1 (

Saturday 18th of May = +29.13 (

JLT Lockinege day was a great day and somewhat historic day for the blog (I hope you don’t  mind me saying). The first ever maximum bet was posted and thankfully it scored. Tension was high pre-race, but worries soon faded after Farhh put up a high class performance to win what was a weak Lockinge. It was a great day and hopefully followers got on.

That was it for May, well, from the 12th.

Overall blog score from September 2012 = +119.87

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